Short Bio on Prof. Er. Narendra Bhupal Malla

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Er. Narendra Bhupal Malla
Publication Committee Member


Current Affiliation

Free Lance Consulting


B.SC. (TU), Diplom-IngenieurBauwesen(RWTH,Aachen) Germany


Worked as Consulting Engineer in preparation of DPR of WB funded Gabral-Kalam HEP 82 MW cap.& Kari Muskhur HEP 588 MW cap. for Pachhttunkhwa Energy Development Organisation, Pakistan.

Worked in NEA Eng. Company as Senior Specialist Design-Hydropower in preparation of DPR of Phukot HEP with installed Cap.474 MW & Betan Karnali HEP with 490 MW.

Worked with MWH, Chicago as Key-Expert(National) Civil Engineer in preparing DPR of WB funded Rehabilitation project of Kali Gandaki “A” Hydro Plant.

Worked with Tractebel Engineering, France in preparing DPR of 1200 MW Cap. High Dam Budhi Gandaki HEP. Worked with Nor consult-Lahmeyer JV as Senior Design Engineer in Construction of 456 MW cap. Upper Tama Koshi HEP.

Worked with Fichtner JV, Germany as Design Chief in the construction of 72 MW Cap.MiddleMarshyangdi HEP. Worked with Morrison Knudsen International Inc, San Fransisco as Chief Engineer in the construction of Kali Gandaki “A” HEP.


B.SC. (TU), Diplom-IngenieurBauwesen(RWTH,Aachen) Germany